Celebrate Hampton’s Green Initiatives on Earth Day

Hampton’s beautiful waterways, beaches and greenery are something we strive to protect for many future generations to enjoy. Celebrate Earth Day by supporting these amazing green initiatives in Hampton: 

Attend the Hampton Mosaic Festival 

Come out to Mill Point Park on Earth Day (April 22) for the first ever Hampton Mosaic Festival, celebrating our diverse history, cultures, and the environment’s impact on us all through dance, music, visual art, storytelling, demonstrators, food, crafts and unique vendors. The impact of our natural environment on our culture, way of life and planet will be prominently featured by exhibitors from the Hampton Clean City Commission in honor of Earth Day.

Shop at Less Than refill store

Need more dish soap, laundry detergent, or other common household goods? Instead of heading to the store to purchase more plastic, bring your empty containers to Less Than and refill them with all-natural and sustainable goods! This way, your products are better for you and the environment, and you’re not introducing more plastic waste. You will be amazed by all of the eco-friendly treasures at this Downtown Hampton store! 

Learn about oysters beds with Shored Up

The eco-tourism group Shored Up is dedicated to educating people on how to protect Hampton’s waterways, particularly the oyster beds that are critical to the health of the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding water. They have won a Virginia Green award 3 years in a row for their Oyster Paddle and Shellabration program, a series of narrated kayak tours on the Hampton River to educate on the ecological, economic, and culinary importance of oysters. Keep your eye out for a chance to catch them at an upcoming event! 

Eat at Fuller’s Raw Bar

Fuller’s Raw Bar has recycled more oyster shells than any member of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, meaning they clean out and save shells after meals at their restaurant. These empty, recycled shells help create ‘sanctuary reefs’ as baby oysters like to attach onto them, ultimately creating habitats for other fish and marine life and keeping the Bay healthy. Help sanctuary reefs get created by choosing to eat at Fuller’s – they offer delicious, fresh oysters cooked any way you like! 

View historic markers in Hampton

A big motivation to preserve the Earth for the future comes from appreciating things as they have been in the past. When you explore Hampton history at the Hampton History Museum, Air Power Park or any Civil War Trails sites, know that the markers you see there have been recognized by Virginia Green for the recyclable and sustainable materials used to make and update them!