Savor the new flavors at the Hampton Roads Convention Center

Meeting and conference attendees can enjoy savory new fare at the Hampton Roads Convention Center thanks to a new partnership! Hampton Roads Convention Center (HRCC), managed by ASM Global, is excited to announce the appointment of SAVOR as its exclusive food and beverage partner, securing Hampton’s status as a premier events destination.

SAVOR is an industry leader in food service, with a sterling reputation and innovative approach to menu development. With a presence in over 350 venues worldwide, SAVOR creates a one-of-a-kind experience in each new location. Their goal is simple: bring people together around a great meal. Finding a unique vision for Hampton was key in the selection process, and both HRCC and SAVOR are proud to build something that truly speaks to this mission.

“Right from the start, SAVOR has seamlessly understood our need to provide high-quality services to our clients and attendees,” said Eric Nealy, HRCC general manager. “From diverse local concessionaires to the aroma of freshly baked pastries, operating under the SAVOR flag means exceeding expectations, and as general manager, I’m so appreciative of our team effort and what we will achieve moving forward.” Lisa Marie Henry, director of food and beverage, applauds the shared commitment to innovation.

“Our way forward is all about enhancing the client experience with fresh, innovative ways of presenting our product,” said Henry. “We’ve all had to rethink food and event services, so why not take the opportunity to continue to evolve into something even more special than before? There’s no reason why an efficiently run conference can’t have an elevated level of food & beverage quality, and we’re gratified to know we share that goal with SAVOR.”

Not keen to stop at the culinary offerings alone, the partnership also reinvigorates the HRCC’s presence at the center of a tight-knit community. The space around HRCC’s
table includes new opportunities for local businesses and purveyors to showcase their offerings through menu features and even Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned
Business (SWaM) certification education. Together they will offer an authentic Mid-Atlantic dining experience shown through Hampton’s vibrant lens.

“I think I speak for all of us when I say it all comes down to staying true to ourselves, and SAVOR gets that,” said Jay Altman, executive chef. “Our goal is to ensure that our guests are continually wowed by the time they spend with us, so we’re always looking to keep an eye on what’s new in the food world while honoring our commitment to quality and our Hampton roots. That’s our flavor.”