Shop Savor Support Black-Owned Businesses in Hampton, VA

Shop, Savor, Support: Hampton’s Black-Owned Eateries and Boutiques

Beyond the landmarks that make Hampton a must-see for Black History-minded travelers, our city pulsates with the energy of local entrepreneurs, particularly the vibrant community of black-owned businesses. We invite you to stroll through the streets of Hampton and discover the dynamic offerings of these establishments. Engage in the culture, savor the flavors, and make your visit to Hampton an experience that goes beyond sightseeing. 

Visit these black-owned businesses on your next trip in Hampton, VA: 

Black-Owned Restaurants in Hampton

Hampton is filled with Black-owned restaurants that have a variety of local tastes and cuisines. With soul food, seafood, southern cuisine, and more you will never find yourself feeling hungry. 

Mango Mangeaux (as seen on TV) always comes highly recommended. Look forward to French, Creole and Neo-Soul cuisine with a touch of their iconic gourmet ‘Mango Mango’ Mango Preserves. Great for brunch or a classy celebration.

Lobster mac & cheese at Mango Mangeaux restaurant in Hampton, VA.
Lobster mac & cheese at Mango Mangeaux restaurant in Hampton, VA

Located in the heart of Phoebus, a main street vibe, save time check out the other businesses in walking distance.

Feeling a different cuisine?

Shopping Black-Owned Stores

Make your shopping experience meaningful by supporting one of the local black-owned businesses in Hampton, like:

Stay: Black-Owned Bed & Breakfast

We all need a place to rest our heads after an exciting day of exploring Hampton.

Magnolia House Inn is a Black-owned bed and breakfast regularly featured in various travel magazines. Filled with charm, you will feel right at home with their warm hospitality and homemade breakfast. 

Or in Phoebus, Simply Panache Place is a boutique hotel, walking distance to many fun activities. Stay for a night or two, and head over to Mango Mangeaux for a complimentary breakfast in the morning!   

Did we miss your favorite Black-owned business in Hampton, Virginia? Send an email to to let us know! 


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