Family Tree Brochure: A guide to African American heritage sites in Hampton. Download or request by mail.

Family Tree: A Guide to African American Heritage Sites in Hampton

Hampton, Virginia is rich with African American culture, heritage, and history dating back to 1619. In August of 1619, a vessel carrying “20 and odd” Africans arrived at Point Comfort. The area now known as Old Point Comfort and Fort Monroe. The first arrival of Africans on American soil lay the foundation for a history of perseverance over four centuries. 

The updated 2020 Hampton Family Tree is a guide to African American heritage, history, famous footsteps, landmarks and more. Named in honor of the Emancipation Oak, the Family Tree explores the last 400 years of history, and includes a One-Day Itinerary for African American Heritage sites in Hampton. This history is important to America’s history, and learning about these sites will help you have a meaningful visit to our city. 

Their 400 year legacy lives on through the Emancipation Oak, within the walls of Fort Monroe, and across Hampton. We are excited to offer the Family Tree so you can explore the last 400 years of African American heritage during your next visit. Plan your African American heritage tour today! Click the PDF icon in the module above to print or download a copy, or request a copy to be sent by mail.

If you enjoyed this heritage guide, come see the landmarks in person! Plan your trip around Black History Month in February, Mosaic Festival in April, Contraband Commemoration in May, Juneteenth, or the Commemoration of the First African Landing Day event in August.

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