Chicken Salad Chick

When you’re struggling to figure out a weekday dinner, your go-to might be unhealthy fast food. Don’t rely on greasy dives to provide your family with the nutrition everyone deserves. Luckily, Chicken Salad Chick of Hampton, VA has you covered! We’re the premier healthy place to eat in Hampton, VA, offering various savory options for anyone’s taste preferences. Whether you want a kick of spice or fruity and nutty flavors, our menu is expansive and can accommodate your needs.

Our talented chefs make our chicken salad recipes from scratch in our kitchen, taking the time to add a little love and care—just like grandma used to do. We source our produce from established vendors who don’t add any enhancements, so you can rest assured that you’re getting quality ingredients every time.

And if you’re looking to feed an entire army, we can assist you in catering your next corporate event or family get-together. We love helping you make lasting memories with the recipes we provide. You can choose from on-the-go signature lunch boxes or specialty trays—all with your taste buds in mind.