5 Reasons to Visit the Hampton Virginia Aquaplex

You may typically think of swimming as a summertime activity, or only for those who are into fitness, but the new Hampton Virginia Aquaplex offers exciting perks year-round, for people of all fitness levels and ages. Here are 5 reasons you should pay a visit to the Aquaplex: 

1. Memberships & Day Passes

The Aquaplex offers monthly memberships with adjusted rates for every member of your family. Memberships are available for sign-up online now, and if you join before the end of 2022, the enrollment fee will be waived! Memberships include lap swimming access, discounted rates and early sign-up for swim lessons, free admission to scheduled activities & special events, and early sign-up for Splash Down Park memberships (coming spring 2023)! Not ready to commit to a membership? The Aquaplex offers affordable day passes, which can be bought on-site the day of your visit!

2. Swim Lessons

Whether you or your child have never swam or just hope to improve, the Aquaplex has lessons for you! Lessons are offered privately, semi-private or in a group setting. They will be separated by age group and skill level. Also, you can take dive lessons to broaden your aquatic skills! If your child is a 2nd grader at a Hampton City School, they will be offered free swim lessons at the Aquaplex. Isn’t that another reason to love this place?!

3. Group Fitness and Certification Courses

Looking to get some cardio that’s easy on your joints? The Aquaplex has an array of group fitness classes to fit your needs — from water aerobics, to ‘swim fit’, to specific stroke lessons, to ‘masters swimming’! The classes will be for participants of all fitness levels with modifications as needed. Get your lifeguard or CPR/first aid certification, and learn to scuba dive at the Aquaplex, too!

4. Party/Event Space Rentals

Host an unforgettable birthday party or group event at the Aquaplex! Rent out certain areas of the pool or Splash Down Park for some fun in the water, and reserve the multipurpose room for serving food or cake. This will be the hottest new event space!

5. Outdoor Splash Down Park

Coming in spring of 2023, this outdoor splash park has 26,000 sq. feet of fun! The area is complete with a lazy river, waterslides, playground and giant tipping bucket. There will be concessions, lockers and pool chairs all for your convenience. Get some sunshine while your kids have a great time within eyesight, and without any need to clean up the sand afterward!

Visit hamptonaquaplex.com to find out more.