9 Tips For Safe Travel This Summer

When visiting Hampton this summer, your safety comes first. Our businesses are practicing safe protocols with sanitizing stations, social distancing measures, and mask regulations. These tips will help you plan your visit and #travelconfidently this summer. Visit our COVID-19 Resources page for up to date information about changes, new regulations, and business re-openings. 

Follow these 9 tips for safe travel this summer:

1. Wear your mask

Masks are required for indoor activities in the state of Virginia. The CDC states that a cloth face covering helps reduce the spread of COVID-19 when used religiously in public settings. Keep yourself and others safe by always having yours when entering indoor areas. 

2. Practice physical distancing

When you wear your mask and social distance yourself, there is an 80% reduction in transmission! Keep yourself and other travelers safe by doing both in public settings.  

3. Hand hygiene is important! 

Simple and effective, washing and sanitizing your hands helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. Singing your ABC’s while washing your hands is the best way to be sure you’re washing y

our hands for the recommended 20 seconds to keep your hands clean, and it’s entertaining!  

4. Cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue, dispose promptly; wash your hands 

Hampton attractions, like the Virginia Air and Space Center, have sanitizing stations placed throughout the museum. This makes it easy for you to clean your hands if you need to sneeze or cough while visiting the attraction.

5. Use contactless solutions when possible 

Before visiting a location make sure you are fully prepared by viewing their policies for health and safety. Many businesses have on-line check-in or ticketing, and touch-free payment options like apple and google pay. Knowing this information will help you prepare ahead of time, and stay safe during your visit.

6. Carry a sanitation kit in your car or carry on 

Preparing before you travel is also important. Create your own sanitation kit with sanitizer, wipes, extra face masks and a thermometer to keep in your car or carry on. Sanitizing more frequently, and using products and disinfectants that meet requirements for effectiveness against COVID-19, can help you travel confidently. You can never be too prepared for travel this summer!

7. Avoid large crowds 

Traveling to areas with small gatherings will help to minimize the risk of being in contact with COVID-19. Hampton has many opportunities for you to avoid large crowds. With public beaches, walking trails and tours, restaurants, and museums practicing safe precautions, there is lots to explore. Businesses are also following CDC guidelines, and making sure it is safe for you to visit. Visit our COVID-19 resources page for more details!

8. Stay home if you have any symptoms or feel sick 

Protect those around you if you are not feeling well. If you have been exposed to COVID-19, or have symptoms related to COVID-19, quarantine yourself for two weeks. When you and your family are healthy, we will be here waiting for your visit! 

9. Adhere to additional health measures that may be required throughout your trip 

Many businesses, hotels, and attractions have their own guidelines to keep you safe. 
Make sure you plan ahead, and review these guidelines before visiting. 

Our goal is to keep you and your family safe during your summer vacation. Whether you are planning an excursion, road trip, or day trip, Hampton is ready to safely welcome you. 

**Information from the US Travel Association