New Year, New Goals: Getting Fit in Hampton

After you have fueled your body with delicious and healthy meals, you can focus on your New Year’s resolution to be more active! Go for a walk, join a class, or sign up for a paddling tour with Shored Up Tours. The options are endless, and we are here to help with you conquer your 2021 New Year’s resolutions! 

Go for a walk! 

Get active in the new year, with a walk at one of our beautiful parks or trails. If you are looking for a walk in a park, or a walk along the beach, Hampton has the perfect place for you to exercise outdoors. Each trail has its unique trait, so we are sure you will find one you love. 

CrossFit Buckroe Beach

Join a fitness class this year! At CrossFit Buckroe Beach you can join a socially distanced class that fits with your schedule. Located a short jog from the beach, many of their classes incorporate the beautiful views of the beach and the ocean breeze to make working out more enjoyable. 

Tribal Yoga 

Prefer a low impact workout? Sign up for a yoga class with Tribal Yoga. It is the perfect atmosphere if you want to have fun, be healthy, and meet others who want the same. The name Tribal Yoga embodies their philosophy of positive community interaction and support in moving towards or maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The perfect way to tackle your new year’s resolutions, they also offer virtual classes. 

Shored Up Tours

Shored up offers fun and exciting tours throughout the year. Paddle along the Hampton waterways, or join their public land-based tours. Get outside, learn about Hampton, and have a great time! Contact them for dates and more details. 

Join a Hampton Gym

Here is a list of gyms you can join in Hampton to keep your goals on track! 

Anytime Fitness
Hampton family YMCA
Planet Fitness
Snap Fitness Hampton

Stay healthy and happy in Hampton!