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Attending An Event

Whether you're planning to attend a meeting, conference, exhibit or a special event at the Hampton Roads Convention Center, you'll want to be prepared ahead of time. Check out the helpful information here and you'll be able to cruise around Hampton just like a local.
HRCC Attending


Considering Hampton’s seafaring heritage, you might think that seafood figures prominently on many local restaurant menus. You’d be right about that, but you’d also be leaving out a lot of good eats. With the popular national restaurants and an array of excellent family- and chef-operated establishments in Hampton, you’ll never have to eat the same meal twice while you’re here.

Coliseum Central Dining

There's almost too much of a good thing when it comes to dining in Hampton's Coliseum area. The Peninsula Town Center and the Power Plant of Hampton Roads combine to offer nearly 100 different restaurants. From classic American cuisine to sushi, you'll find a menu sure to satisfy your appetite.


Downtown Hampton Dining

Situated in Hampton's urban waterfront village, downtown area restaurants provide a compact collection of delicious dining options. Seafood figures prominently on menus here, and you'll also find Southern cuisine, a charming tearoom and a taphouse featuring one of the largest selections of craft beers in the area.


Phoebus Dining

Restaurants in Phoebus have an unmatched neighborhood ambience. They're the kind of friendly places where the owner is hands-on and the regulars are always on hand. If they don't know your name when you walk in, chances are they will when you walk out-and you'll know theirs too.




Keep your options open when the sun goes down. You can catch an artistic performance at the beautiful American Theatre, attend a live concert by a national recording artist at the Hampton Coliseum or check out a stand-up comic in one of the city's clubs. There are plenty of reasons to stay up late and enjoy yourself in Hampton.

Request for Proposal

Thank you for considering HRCC for your next event. Please use the Request for Proposal Form to provide us with as much information about your event as you can.